Salesperson Assessments

Measure Sales Capabilities, Not Personality Traits

Legendary Accuracy

OMG’s accuracy is legendary. When it comes to hiring salespeople, OMG provides clients with a turnkey process that utilizes world-class, predictive Sales Candidate Assessments. The only two numbers that you need to know about are 75% (percentage of candidates that were hired against OMG recommendations, who failed in their first 6 months) and 92% (percentage of candidates we recommended that were hired and rose to the top half of their sales forces within 12 months).


Your customized Role Specification allows you to specify the unique requirements of your position. Candidates are then assessed against your criteria to create a recommendation custom-tailored to your needs.


OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment can assess candidates for sales, sales management, and sales leadership positions.


Our Candidate Analyzer tool allows you to see key scores and capabilities from all of your candidates in one easy-to-use portal. Filter your candidates, view full PDFs, and flag candidates for later follow-up.


Because OMG's sales assessments were built from the ground up by sales experts for sales, the assessments are only available for sales roles. Unlike popular personality and behavioral style assessments which have been modified for sales and are not predictive of sales success, OMG's sales candidate assessments have legendary accuracy and are extremely predictive.

Gain Unique Insights

The Will to Sell

Learn whether your candidates have the Desire and Commitment it takes to be successful in sales. Also discover insights into their Outlook, whether they Enjoy Selling, how Motivated they are, and whether they are Extrinsically or Intrinsically Motivated.


Our Recommendation combines our proven criteria for sales success with the unique challenges of each sales position. OMG recommends candidates based on their ability to succeed in the role.

Sales DNA

Sales DNA is at the core of a salesperson, and explains whether they have strengths that will support desirable outcomes or weaknesses that will sabotage those outcomes.


OMG's competencies give detailed insight into the skills and strengths that a salesperson possesses. Some of the competencies we measure include Hunter, Consultative Seller, Qualifier, Closer, Sales Posturing, and Account Manager.


OMG's development findings include whether a candidate is Trainable, whether a candidate is Coachable, and a candidate's Figure-It-Out-Factor™ (i.e. how quickly they can come up to speed).

Sales Percentile

OMG's Sales Percentile finding is the single best measure of how strong a salesperson's skills are.

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